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Surface Tactiles PDF Print E-mail

The Innovision range of rapid application compounds were developed and tested rigorously over the past ten years. The engineers at Innovision worked directly with the Uk’s Health and Safety Executive to directly tackle the most pressing issues facing employers, organisers and local government. On surface safety measures must be able to cope with high levels of traffic and constant wear, longevity and importantly effectiveness during the lifespan of such a product are crucial. Rather than attempt to simply make products cheaper, the team at Innovision strove to make simple and elegant safety systems which would last, and which would remain effective for much longer. This approach has not only led to products which are far superior and long lasting, but also far more simpe and economical to install.

Market Leaders PDF Print E-mail

Innovision develops products for pedestrian accessibility and safety. The product range encompasses tactile surfaces for the partially sighted, anti-slip step nosings and wayfinding systems. The products are based on a unique polymer which, when combined with a catalyst, forms an amazingly strong molecular bond with all existing floor surfaces. Unlike existing methods of installing tactile surfaces, Innovision products do not require any pre-treatment of the surface i.e. digging, levelling etc. There is also a high level of flexibility and choice of materials which can be incorporated into the polymer mix, various types of hard wearing aggregate and photo luminescent (glow in the dark) pigment for example.

These products are unique in the market and are proven to provide the most economical long term solution. They are also ideal for markets which have a requirement to retrospectively install (in cases of very recent legislative changes) such surfaces in areas without the need to destroy the existing surface.

The way the products are manufactured and installed allows for almost complete freedom of its visual appearance. Innovision has incorporated advertising into a number of its products, creating a revenue stream, and thus offsetting the cost of installing such obligatory measures.

Sound Tracker PDF Print E-mail

Sound Tracker is the revolutionary new system which will allow visually impaired people to be totally independent within the built environment.

Sound is transformed into electrical energy through electric cables running through the tactile mats. As electric current is passed across the tactile mat it creates a magnetic field of fixed height and width. A sensor, when placed within this three dimensional ‘track’ is able to convert the magnetic field back into sound waves. As the sensor moves outside the track, the level of noise decreases and increases as it moves back into the track.