• Materials sourced locally
  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • No heavy plant and equipment required on site

Manufacturing and Installation

*Per Million Units


Product Longevity

*Per Square Meter

Innovision tactiles represent an entirely new method of manufacturing tactile surfaces, this has allowed for the introduction of novel properties to the products. The composition of aggregate within the strata of the surfaces can be controlled with a high level of accuracy, allowing the wear resistant materials to be located where they are most needed i.e. at the top surface. The manufacturing process also allows for CNC cutting and layering to create bespoke advertisements incorporated within the surface. This is a completely new form of advertisement which has been quickly embraced and trialled by football teams in the UK and Brazil. Early signs indicate that the advertising revenue generated by these products exceed the cost of installation within six months. Based on the current lifespan of Innovision step-nosings, the advertising revenues generated could be in excess of 22 times the cost of the product.