The Innovision range of rapid application compounds were developed and tested rigorously over the past five years. The engineers at Innovision are working directly with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive to directly tackle the most pressing issues facing employers, organisers and local government. On surface safety measures must be able to cope with high levels of traffic and constant wear, longevity and importantly effectiveness during the lifespan of such a product are crucial. Rather than attempt to simply make products cheaper, the team at Innovision strove to make simple and elegant safety systems which would last, and which would remain effective for much longer. This approach has not only led to products which are far superior and long lasting, but also far more simple and economical to install.

Our solutions fit the problems. They are not quick fixes using outdated methods and products. Every product is tailored to its environment and the specific challenges it will face during its lifespan.

Industry leading features:

· Peel resistant

· Hard wearing

· Installed on any surface inside or out

· Retained anit-slip over lifetime

· Retained colour contrast

· No damage to original surface

· Wide range of colours available